Step 1


When you reach out to Viewpoints Landscaping, our team will start by gathering information about your project. We'll ask about things like property location, scope of work, and your budget. We'll also get information about your vision and goals for the final result.

Step 2


Using your feedback, our in-house designer will begin hand sketching the concepts we discussed with various options, features, and pricing for you to consider. We'll compile this into a 100% free quote for your review - usually within 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your project.

Step 3


We'll work back and forth with you until we narrow in on a finalized design concept. After that, our designer and architect will create a 3D rendition of your project for your approval. Don't worry, you can still make changes to the rendering at this point if needed.

Step 4


Our team will go to work and bring your vision to life! Viewpoints Landscaping has a full team of landscaping experts ready to execute your project to perfection: from demo and removal to procurement of materials and installation. If landscaping is part of a larger overall project, we know how to coordinate with contractors to keep things running smoothly. No matter the situation, we don't call it "done" until you're 100% satisfied.

Step 5


Our work doesn't end after initial construction. Viewpoints Landscaping is here for you with ongoing maintenance services for your property. We'll be around to make sure your space is well kept and for any future improvements to efficiency or additional designs as time goes on. Contact us to get started today!