Close up of a single solar powered garden light surrounded by small flowers


Lighting brings your residential or commercial landscaping to life! Although lighting design is included (as desired) as part of our design & construction service - we feel it deserves its own page as well.

Well-designed lighting is not only beautiful, but it also facilitates the extended use of your landscape and hardscapes into the evening and night and improves safety and security. The best lighting designs fit seamlessly into your plant materials and structures to accentuate both without becoming a distraction. The experts at Viewpoints Landscaping know how to use a variety of light and lighting techniques to elevate any aspect of your landscape.

Our experts know which fixtures work best with certain trees, shrubs, or other plants depending on their size and orientation. We'll also design custom options to highlight hardscapes like your home or office itself, walkways, steps, railings / posts, benches, rock walls, water features, flag poles, and more. Each lighting design also considers the type and intensity of various lights needed to achieve the perfect overall effect. Our systems include adjustable, automatic timers to turn your system on and off at the appropriate time.

Viewpoints Landscaping also provides complete lighting maintenance. Although we use high-efficiency bulbs, our team will replace any "out" lights as needed as well as the hardware or electrical connections for the fixtures themselves. We are here to show your home or business in an all new light.

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