Parking lot spaces and a parking lot island with trees and bushes

Parking Lot Maintenance

Landscaping doesn't end at your parking lot! Even a well-designed and maintained landscape can be diminished by a dirty, faded, cracked, or ditch-filled parking lot. Viewpoints Landscaping to the rescue! Our team provides full-service parking lot maintenance including:

  • Sweeping and cleaning to remove dirt and debris, moss, etc.
  • Coating and sealing to protect the surface of your lot from general wear and tear, oil, water and sun damage, etc. Proper sealing every 2 to 3 years can extend the lifespan of your pavement by years!
  • Striping and restriping to clearly delineate parking spaces and improve overall traffic flow.
  • Patch repair to fix cracks, damage, ditches, or other problems with your current pavement and to prevent further damage.

Regular parking lot maintenance will keep your lot looking newer, longer and prevent unnecessary repair costs and the need for premature repaving or other large-scale (and expensive!) repairs or overhauls. Our team will create a customized maintenance program specifically for your parking lot(s) or include parking lot maintenance with a landscaping maintenance package.

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