Close up of leaves covered with snow

Snow and Ice

Snow and ice can create hazardous conditions and, in some cases, damage to your landscape. If your home or business is affected by snow or ice, Viewpoints Landscaping will be on call and ready to help clear your property and restore safe conditions to help reduce downtime and return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Our team has the tools to tackle a project of any size. We know how to address snow and ice safely to help protect your property as well as the plants in your landscape.

If Viewpoints Landscaping is your landscaper and your snow/ice removal company - we'll already know the ins and outs of your property, which will allow for even more efficient removal. In this case, our team will already know where your walkways, driveway edges, beds, lawn, and drains are as well as where standing water is more likely to accumulate and freeze, and the needs of your specific plant material. You'll already know us - and we'll already know you!

Once everything is clear and safe, we'll report the details back to you so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of.

Get in touch and tell us about your project!