Green artificial turf surrounded by landscaping plants

Turf / Artificial Grass

Turf is a highly versatile, relatively low-maintenance solution for both commercial and residential properties. Whether you're looking for a turf yard for your home, a personal putting green, or turf plots or athletic fields at a business or sporting facility, Viewpoints Landscaping will work with you to find the perfect solution. We take a holistic approach to all artificial grass projects and will consider types and frequency of intended use, location, local weather conditions, irrigation, drainage, and anything else unique to your specific project or goals. This in-depth technical evaluation will help us design the right system from the get-go with pre-built solutions to any potential problems and facilitate a smooth installation.

Although turf may require less overall maintenance than grass, regular upkeep is still needed - especially for heavily trafficked turf in sporting facilities. Viewpoints Landscaping provides comprehensive maintenance including grooming/raking, debris cleanup, infill replacement, rotation or replacement of worn-out areas, aeration, and more. Select from one or multiple maintenance services as-needed or schedule a recurring maintenance plan at an ideal frequency, customized to your needs. Either way, Viewpoints will be there to keep your turf spick and span for safe use and beautiful aesthetics.

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